You look out for the best interest of your customers. You take the time to listen to your customers and try and find ways to help accomplish your customer's goals. AMS.NET out shines other competitors because of your commitment to your customers.

Alberto Oseguera  Network Administrator
Woodside Elementary School District

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K-12 Education

A child’s education is the number one priority of educators and administrators. The security of education facilities and the safety of teachers, administrators and students is also a top priority. Technology helps schools build a stronger infrastructure to support tools that transform education and to support applications that create a safer environment to learn.

Teachers communicate with their students helping them to understand concepts and guide them through their education. Tools such as wireless internet access and video content delivered to the classroom reinforce the teacher’s messages and enhance the learning experience.

Security solutions such as IP paging and messaging systems, parent notification applications and video surveillance help increase security and keep children and staff safe. The SchoolMessenger application integrated with Cisco Unified Communications allow the school to quickly and easily notify parents about absences, events, emergencies and other important issues and events via voicemail, text message or email. Video Surveillance systems integrated with physical security around school perimeters can trigger a lock-down in the event of an intruder or disgruntled student. Class Connection IP Paging and Messaging provides simple yet effective way to broadcast information or emergency messages to common areas such as the cafeteria or to entire campuses.

AMS.NET is partnered with several IP application providers that have developed applications specifically for the K-12 market. Our long-term relationships with these key partners along with our extensive experience allow us to build a technology solution and migration plan that specifically addresses your requirements. Based on your current infrastructure and long-term goals we will architect a solution for your school or district.

K-12 Education Solution Examples:


Twenty years ago, AMS.NET was established to provide technical support to local school districts in Northern California. Since then, AMS.NET has become recognized experts within the market with countless K-12 implementations, dozens of education references and awards from Cisco as the Vertical Partner of the Year in the Western Region in 2007. We also have several procurement vehicles including state approved contracts, Piggy-back contracts and extensive experience with the SLD’s E-rate program.