I just had to take the time to give Kudos to your AMS Technical Engineers. Your guys ROCK!!!! When we experienced a power blowout, they were very instrumental in figuring out what the problem was and gave us a short and long term solution.

AMS.NET LANmate Customer  
AMS.NET LANmate Customer

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Although web-based banking and e-commerce have brought the financial industry greater efficiencies, they have also brought more competition and a greater focus on customer satisfaction. Technology addresses these new business models along with new government regulations.

Retail Banking

Maintaining a secure consistent network to transport accurate information is always a top priority to the banking industry. A single IP network provides the security to ensure privacy and to meet the growing government and industry regulations. The other topmost concern is maintaining a relationship with the customer while large numbers of customers do business online. Contact Center technology can offer customer support, connection to financial services and planning resources while offering convenient self-service options.


While insurance rates continue to rise, insurance companies face continued challenges of reducing costs while increasing services. Unified Communications streamlines communications between employees, business partners and policyholders allowing insurance companies to provide additional services while improving the cost and resolution cycle of existing services.

Financial Markets

Real-time reliable information is of utmost importance to financial markets. It is a solid network along with unified communications that provide the foundation for successful internet-based trading and e-commerce systems. An IP network provides the infrastructure to handle large volumes of market data and trades and the security to meet government requirements. Unified communications allows bankers, brokers and advisors to access and share real-time customer data that is vital to processing financial transactions.

Financial Solution Examples:


Whether you are looking to increase customer satisfaction and reduce on-hold call times or are looking to create cross-sell opportunities with digital signage at the teller counter, AMS.NET provides varied technology solutions to the financial industry that address both customer and business challenges. Talk to your AMS.NET Account Manager about how technology that is aligned with your business goals can dramatically improve customer satisfaction and provide a competitive edge.