The work that we do changes peoples’ lives, and it requires very complex planning that used to be a big drain on resources. Cisco Unified Communications enables us to better manage our complex system of services. The result is that we are spending less time managing tasks and more time ...

Ian Mearns  Deputy Director
Workforce Connection

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Enhancing community services, ensuring public safety and increasing employee productivity is the mission of many government agencies. Technology allows all government agencies to increase their effectiveness and efficiency and as a result improve the community and provide a better place to work and live.

With an integrated IP network and unified communications solution, governments can provide enhanced services to a broader community and ensure continuity and integrity of communications and constituent services. Service effectiveness is also improved by using technology to accelerate decision making and improve interaction with citizens and each other.

Wireless and mobility solutions allow government field workers, regardless of their location to maintain access to vital information, applications and resources at all times. The ability to share information such as video surveillance among onsite and offsite employees within an agency and with other agencies results in better decisions and a more coordinated response. Ultimately, these tools allow response units to quickly react to emergencies and improve overall safety.

Collaboration tools such as video conferencing in addition to unified communications and mobility increase employee productivity across departments, with other agencies and with constituents. Trips to headquarters, police/fire stations and other government locations are minimized.

By modernizing the IP network and integrating unified communications and advanced technologies, governments can address their current initiatives of expanded services, improved productivity and increased public safety while providing the foundation for advanced infrastructure including WiFi to attract knowledge workers and new business to facilitate economic growth.

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With two decades of experience, a large government client base and several procurement vehicles including state approved contracts and complete Piggy-back contracts, we have the knowledge and experience to successfully implement your technology solution. Please ask an AMS.NET Account Manager about our recent government implementations in your area.