I just had to take the time to give Kudos to your AMS Technical Engineers. Your guys ROCK!!!! When we experienced a power blowout, they were very instrumental in figuring out what the problem was and gave us a short and long term solution.

AMS.NET LANmate Customer  
AMS.NET LANmate Customer

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With increasing healthcare costs, insurance obstacles, communication delays and privacy regulations, healthcare institutions are faced with the overwhelming challenge to provide more affordable and better quality care. Technology is instrumental in bringing better information to the point of care, improving efficiency and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Most often, patient information is scattered across disparate systems making it difficult and costly for healthcare professionals to share vital medical, clinical and patient information. Often physicians rely on the patient for medical history and prescription information and face delays while waiting for test results. A single integrated and secure network connects the right people with patient information anytime, anywhere improving the accuracy of the information and the time-to-treatment ratio.

A single, secured IP network provides comprehensive protection to help ensure regulatory compliance while providing the foundation for medical applications including PACS, electronic medical records and computerized physician order entry. Applications can bring patient information and instructions to the bedside, track medical assets such as wheelchairs and people and connect in-house staff to remote medical experts for collaboration.

Technology is transforming health care through integrated communications for improved processes, increased productivity and more accurate and timely results and ultimately better patient care.

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While our experience with varied medical organizations including hospitals, public managed care facilities, home care organizations, rehabilitation clinics, equipment distributors and others has given us great insight to the specific challenges and needs of the medical community, our process is to perform a thorough discovery to determine the specific challenges and goals of each customer. Please talk to an AMS.NET Account Manager about our healthcare solutions and how a technology solution might improve your operation and patient care.