K-12 Education

K-12 Education

A child’s education is the number one priority of educators and administrators. Today’s generation of media-savvy children require innovative approaches to teaching and learning. The need for media-rich applications, mobile devices in the classroom and new education assessments require a secure robust network to deliver these services. Just as critical are the security of education facilities and the safety of teachers, administrators and students. Technology helps schools deliver these services and create a safer learning environment.

Technology enables lesson plans to go beyond the traditional text books. Video collaboration with subject matter experts, safe access to YouTube videos and other media-rich applications allow teachers to improve the quality of instruction and deliver it in a format that is familiar to students.

Network security solutions including firewalls, content filtering and mobile device management enable safe access to learning tools and protect students and network resources. Physical security solutions and messaging systems increase campus security to keep children and staff safe. IP paging solutions integrated with Cisco Unified Communications allow the school to quickly and easily notify parents about absences, events, emergencies and other important issues via voicemail, text or email.

Delivering these necessary services under tight budget constraints is not an easy task for IT administrators. Cloud services, data center virtualization and other technology simplify operations and increase productivity allowing IT to support new initiatives.

As a leader in the K-12 market in California, AMS.NET is in-tune with the unique technology requirements of school districts. We have the vendor relationships with key partners that provide education focused applications for your needs.

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More than 25 years ago, AMS.NET was established to provide technical support to local school districts in Northern California. Since then, AMS.NET has become recognized experts within the market with countless K-12 implementations, dozens of education references and awards from Cisco as the SLED Partner of the Year. We also have several procurement vehicles and extensive experience with the SLD’s E-Rate program.

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