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The ability to share information with other scientists, ‘see’ their lab setups, control their instrumentation, and view results via the Web makes it much easier for scientists to collaborate. They don’t have to physically travel to each others’ labs, which usually ...

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Real Estate

Technology impacts every business including the real estate industry. In today’s volatile market, real estate developers, agents and property management companies are under increasing pressure to add value to attract buyers and tenants. Real estate professionals must take steps to transform these physical spaces with technology to add value and to adopt new technology to streamline their businesses and gain a competitive edge.

Developers and Builders

Developers and builders not only face market challenges of differentiating themselves from their competition they also are obligated to be environmentally and socially responsible. This market is beginning to recognize the need to transform buildings to better house future populations, connect systems for improved efficiency and provide communication tools that tenants are going to expect. Building a foundation for HVAC, lighting, transportation, building automation systems, energy management systems, fire, life and safety differentiate your property.

Real Estate Executives and Agents

Improving efficiency and streamlining processes is most important to the real estate executive and agents. Agents and staff must have access to information and tools that improve responsiveness, accountability and productivity. Unified communications with mobility provide access to real-time information anytime, anywhere.

Property Management

Attracting and retaining tenants and guests is always a priority for the property management industry. Adding communication and connectivity capabilities adds value and often revenue generating opportunities to your property. Buildings can be enhanced with Wifi, visitor management services, interactive kiosks and digital signage to add value, improve the visitor experience and increase revenue. Integrating video surveillance, security, access control and fire control over the IP network, reduces costs while providing a new level of security to tenants and their guests.

Real Estate Solution Examples:


With numerous real estate customers and partnerships with architects, builders and other real estate-related organizations, we have the knowledge and expertise – literally from the ground-up – to facilitate and implement your technology solution. Whether your goal is to improve your business productivity and customer service or to differentiate your properties by offering tenants wireless access and enhanced security, AMS.NET can design a solution based-on your particular requirements and business goals.