Procurement & Financing


We have always received top notch service from you. Anytime we did encounter a little bump along the way with AMS.NET staff, you were quick to respond and took a non-biased stance on resolving the issue. This is what I admire most. You have always been quick to respond and always made us feel as ...

Aarin Garrison  
City of Merced

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Procurement & Financing

Support business initiatives with state-of-the-art technology solutions - even under budget constraints!

Whether you are a business, a healthcare organization, a school district or a local government you continually have to achieve organizational goals with fewer resources. Procurement and Financing solutions address budget constraints and allow you to strategically implement technology to support those goals.

Financing agreements and leasing options allow you to acquire technology as your business evolves thereby staying one step ahead of the competition. Promotions such as no interest or payments during deployment and various leasing terms enable you to conserve your cash flow and meet budgetary requirements. As technology changes, technology refresh options protect against obsolescence by allowing you to upgrade without an additional investment. Supporting our turnkey solution, many plans can include hardware, software and support services to cover the entire solution.

Specifically for government agencies and school districts are financing solutions such as tax exempt lease purchase, fair market value leasing and solutions that structure payment schedules to use both currently available funds and anticipated future appropriations. Procurement vehicles such as GSA Contracts, CMAS Contracts, WSCA Contracts, Merced County FOCUS Contract, SPURR Contracts, E-Rate Funding and Piggy-back Bids allow government agencies and school districts to supplement budgets and implement technology solutions at the best possible value.

Procurement & Financing Solutions:

  • Cisco Capital Leasing & Financing Promotions- Creative financing for public and private sector allows organizations to procure essential technology today instead of waiting for the bond market and overall economy to recover.
  • GSA Contract- AMS.NET has been awarded a GSA Contract that allows government agencies to reduce procurement lead time by more than 50% and significantly reduce administrative costs.
  • CMAS Contracts- CMAS Contracts provide competitive pricing and speed up the procurement process. Available to State and Local Government, AMS.NET has several CMAS Contracts which cover technology such as Cisco, Valcom Paging, VBrick Video Distribution, Video Surveillance, Microsoft, Cabling, AMS.NET Professional Services and more.
  • Cisco, HP & EMC WSCA Contracts- Available to all public sector entities are the Cisco, HP and EMC WSCA Contracts that provide an efficient way to procure technology products at discounted prices.
  • Merced County FOCUS Contract- The Merced County FOCUS Contract assists public sector entities by reducing the cost and time normally required to acquire technology needs.
  • SPURR Contract- The SPURR Contract enables it's members made up of K-14 schools to procure products and services by piggybacking on SPURR's master contract. Members benefit from aggregated procurement transactions to obtain the best available pricing and also save time and resources in their procurement process.
  • E-Rate Funding- Many schools, school districts and libraries can take advantage of the E-Rate program which designates funds for telecommunications and internet access. AMS.NET has many years experience with the E-Rate and can guide you through the process.
  • Piggy-back Bids- AMS.NET public sector customers can utilize AMS.NET Piggy-back bids to procure technology. Public school districts, K-12 private schools, charter schools, community college districts, and other state and local public agencies in California can legally utilize piggy-back bids to obtain technology at discounted prices.
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With many financing options available, finding the optimum way to finance your technology deployment can be daunting. With a dedicated procurement team and more than 23 years experience providing technology solutions to private and public organizations, AMS.NET has the resources and experience to recommend a financing solution that will allow you to continue with your technology plans within your budget requirements.

With GSA Contract, CMAS Contracts, WSCA Contracts, the Merced County FOCUS Contract, SPURR Contract and Piggyback Bids in place, we offer alternative ways to procure technology at the best value. We also have extensive knowledge and experience with the E-rate process to assist you with the various forms, schedules and deadlines you must maintain to be eligible for funding. Discuss with your Account Manager the various financing options that are available to your organization.