Application & Desktop Virtualization


Once again AMS.NET has shown superior customer service. Thank you for going to so much detail to determine what the issue was and get it resolved. I have verified with another office on our network and everything seems to be working great.

Director of IT  Director of IT
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Virtual Desktop & Application Virtualization

Secure, Mobile, Resilient Desktops

The desktop is evolving with the increase in mobile devices and user expectations of accessing data anytime from anywhere. IT is challenged to support this new environment while maintaining security and control. With a virtual infrastructure in place, organizations can deliver secure virtual desktops from the data center and provide users with personalized, high-performance access to their data and applications.

Application and desktop virtualization essentially decouples the operating system and the applications from the PC allowing them to run in a secure virtualized data center. In the event of a security breach, malware or natural disaster, virtual machines can be restored to a clean state.

Virtual desktops support a mobile environment with users able to access from anywhere from many devices. Users can access data and applications from the office, home, or other location with internet access. Students can obtain access to specialized programs from their home computers. IT can also support Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) programs and enable personal mobile devices.

Centralized management allows IT to quickly provision new desktops and perform upgrades, updates and routine maintenance on existing virtual desktops. Desktops used to be an IT headache; virtual desktops have simplified and eased desktop maintenance.

Virtual Desktop & Application Virtualization Provide:

  • Centralized management for simplified desktop maintenance
  • Increased security with desktops residing in the secure data center
  • Improved desktop and application performance
  • Access to data and applications anytime for many devices

Application & Desktop Virtualization Products:

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AMS.NET is aligned with industry leaders to provide solutions that transform the data center and desktop computing environment. Along with key relationships, AMS.NET has a tightly integrated, proven, reliable and scalable solution. If you are seeking to increase the longevity of existing PCs and support increasing demands while minimizing desktop management, AMS.NET can design a solution that will address your challenges and requirements. The Citrix Solutions Showcase and VMware Solutions Showcase provides further technical information, customer success stories and more.