Data Center Virtualization


Throughout the entire project, AMS.NET listened to our needs and budget constraints and worked with us.

Lorenz Howard Lorenz  Director of IT
Saratoga Union School District

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Data Center Virtualization

Secure, Flexible Data Center

The data center is the hub of your organization and its performance and reliability are crucial to your operations. Over the last few years, the data cener has seen radical changes with the advancements in virtualization and the evolution of private and hybrid cloud computing.

Traditionally, compute, storage and networking were separate silos often managed by separate IT teams. With each new application, a server was added increasing complexity and maintenance to this 'accidental architecture'. Today, a properly architected virtual infrastructure can simplify management and provide the security and flexiblity that the organization requires.

Essential to a virtualized infrastructure are data center servers, virtualization enabled switches, virtualization software and unified storage. Innovations have been made with data center, compute and servers with Cisco UCS that revolutionizes the data center with an integrated compute, network and storage access solution. VMware's vSphere evolution has allowed IT to maximize resources and enabled high-availability of resources and applications. EMC's expansions in its VNX unified storage solution delivers superior storage performance and tight integration with VMware for ease of management of the entire data center infrastructure.

In a virtualized environment, providing a disaster recovery solution or a backup and recovery system is simplified. EMC's Data Domain storage system provides deduplication, backup, archiving and disaster recovery. Virtualized architecture backup solutions from Veeam provide simplified and fast virtual machine or file level recovery.

Leveraging existing data center technology investments and integrating data center 3.0 technology allows organizations to realize the cost and management benefits of server virtualization and consolidation and the security and business agility advantages of private or hybrid cloud computing.

Data Center and Virtualization Solutions Provide:

  • Server consolidation for a smaller data center footprint
  • Reduce cabling, power and cooling costs
  • Centralized, simplified management of all data center resources
  • Maximize resources with shared compute and storage
  • Improved data center flexibility and scalability
  • Increased data security
  • Simplified backup and recovery
  • High availability and organizational flexibility

Data Center and Virtualization Products:

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AMS.NET is aligned with industry leaders to provide solutions that transform the data center and desktop computing environment. Along with key relationships, AMS.NET has a tightly integrated, proven, reliable and scalable solution. Whether you are seeking to streamline your development environment or transform your production and data center operation, AMS.NET can design a solution that will support a variety of IT requirements and organization sizes. The VMware Solutions Showcase provides further technical information, customer success stories and more.