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The work that we do changes peoples’ lives, and it requires very complex planning that used to be a big drain on resources. Cisco Unified Communications enables us to better manage our complex system of services. The result is that we are spending less time managing tasks and more time ...

Ian Mearns  Deputy Director
Workforce Connection

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Reliable Wireless Coverage Anywhere from Any Device

Not long ago, the network's primary purpose was to connect users to network resources. Today the network must support a variety of devices, provide anytime access, support bandwidth intensive business critical applications while securing the network and protecting intellectual property.

A wireless network is an extension of the wired network, providing anywhere access and mobility services. A secure, reliable wireless solution delivers a consistent network experience to all types of workers including those roaming headquarters, contractors and visitors, teleworkers and employees working from remote offices.

Wireless networks that support 802.11n deliver reliable and scalable coverage while features such as Cisco's Identity Services Engine provide centralized management across wired and wireless networks and enable secure mobility for multiple endpoints including smartphones, tablets, laptops and employee owned devices for bring your own device (BYOD) programs.

Features such as wireless mesh solutions and roaming capabilities extend network services to outdoor environments, common areas, public areas and hard-to-connect locations. Wireless intrusion prevention and QoS technologies ensure that the network is running at the best possible rates.

Today's wireless solutions deliver secure, reliable access to network resources from anywhere and any device.

Mobility/Wireless solutions provide:

  • Centralized provisioning and management of both wired and wireless networks
  • QoS for voice and video
  • Self-optimizing technology
  • Support and management of both 802.11a/g and 802.11n clients
  • Asset management
  • Secure access

Mobility/Wireless Products:

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In order for mobility solutions to work smoothly and deliver the benefits of improved data accessibility, reliability and a lower total cost of ownership, the solution needs to be designed as an integral part of the network infrastructure. With more than two decades of network experience and hundreds of wireless implementations, AMS.NET can provide you with the design and strategy for a successful mobility solution. Learn more about AMS.NET.