Video Management


Throughout the entire project, AMS.NET listened to our needs and budget constraints and worked with us.

Lorenz Howard Lorenz  Director of IT
Saratoga Union School District

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Collaborate, Educate, Inform

A decade ago business was transformed with the convergence of telephony and data networks onto a single IP network. Today is the beginning of a new transformation with the growth of video both in the consumer and business markets. Video is the new way to communicate and collaborate.

Video enables employees, partners, customers and others to communicate more frequently, share documents and broadcast information to improve communication, minimize distance barriers and collaborate in-person..

TelePresence systems from personal desktop solutions to immersive dedicated rooms provide the video platform to conduct in-person meetings. WebEx delivers a web conferencing solution to share video, documents and more. Video distribution solutions enable corporate broadcasts or private and secure video sharing portals. Digital signage allows information, schedules or emergency messages to be displayed in schools, government buildings, stores, airports and other public areas.

Whether you are a school district interested in distance learning, a government entity wanting to display public notices or emergency information or a business conducting an all-hands meeting, video provides a new innovative communications platform.

Video Solutions provide:

  • In-person like collaboration tool
  • Distance learning solution
  • Conferencing solution with video and document sharing
  • Broadcast tool for mass employee announcements or events
  • Display for notices and emergency information

Video Solution Products:


The success of a lecture capture and video sharing solution is dependent on easy-to-use integrated tools and a properly architected network to support them. We are not content creators but can deliver you a video solution that simplifies content creation and distribution. AMS.NET has a team of certified engineers that have the knowledge and expertise to design a video solution that accounts for your network architecture and keeps your business goals at the top of the solutions design. Read more our successful implementations of video technology.