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Comprehensive Security Solution: From the Data Center to the Edge and Beyond

Traditional approaches to network security were built solely to protect the network from threats and malware coming from outside the network. With the rise in mobile devices and the distributed workforce, today’s security must be applied to not only the network edge with firewalls but also the data center, wireless network and end points.

A comprehensive security solution starts with a secure data center or private cloud solution which delivers applications and data from the data center. Network security appliances provide firewall, secure VPN access and intrusion protection. Web and email filtering products can help stop spam, viruses and web threats. Mobility solutions extend security from the wired network to the wireless network to ensure secure access regardless of the device or physical location.

With remote workers, satellite offices, contractors, visitors, mobile device labs in schools, and employee owned devices, it’s critical to implement a complete security solution that enforces policies throughout, protects assets and maintains regulatory compliance.

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Security Solutions Provide:

  • Protect against security threats, viruses and malware
  • Deliver spam filters, web security and monitoring
  • Ensure consistent security policies throughout the entire organization
  • Provide rule-based network access
  • Deliver the same secure services to an office worker, teleworker orĀ  mobile user
  • Provide mobile device management
  • Meet compliance regulations with a controlled architecture

Security Products:


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AMS.NET has more than 25 years of experience in networking and security solutions. Throughout the years, AMS.NET has built the partnerships with leading infrastructure and security vendors in order to keep up-to-date on the latest security tools to mitigate and help prevent the ever-changing internal and external security threats.

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