EMC VPLEX with GeoSynchrony 5.1 is a unique virtual storage technology that enables information in the public, private, or hybrid cloud to be shared, accessed, and moved within, across, and between data centers, federating various storage systems into a single resource. Customers can achieve transparent workload mobility and availability, both locally and over distance, through VPLEX's simultaneous access to storage systems at geographically separate sites.
VPLEX is a hardware and software platform that resides in the SAN, between hosts and storage, and extends data over distance.

  • VPLEX dissolves the distance between sites, allowing secure and consistent collaboration across distributed users.
  • VPLEX uses a single interface for multi-vendor storage.
  • VPLEX delivers dynamic data mobility, the ability to move applications and data in real-time, with no outage required.
  • VPLEX provides Federated AccessAnywhere technology that presents data consistently within and between sites, even across distance.
  • VPLEX creates a high-availability infrastructure across these same varied geographies with unmatched resiliency.
  • RecoverPoint native splitter technology for VPLEX Local and VPLEX Metro combines the benefits of both high availability and disaster recovery in the same deployment.
  • Unisphere for VPLEX uses the same GUI framework as the VNX and VMAX platform, providing a way to simplify, normalize, and consolidate EMC's management tools.

The VPLEX family includes three models:

  • EMC VPLEX Local—provides seamless data mobility and high availability within a data center. It also allows you to manage multiple heterogeneous arrays from a single interface. Download the spec sheet
  • EMC VPLEX Metro—provides data mobility, enhanced high availability and collaboration between two sites within synchronous distances. Download the spec sheet
  • EMC VPLEX Geo—provides data mobility, high availability, and collaboration between two sites within asynchronous distances. Download the spec sheet
Product Mobility Availability Collaboration Between Sites Number of Engines Number of Systems
VPLEX Local Within a data center Yes N/A Single, Dual, Quad 1
VPLEX Metro Synchronous Yes Yes Single, Dual, Quad 2
VPLEX Geo Asynchronous Yes Yes Single, Dual, Quad 2

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