Captiva ISIS Drivers


EMC Captiva ISIS (Image and Scanner Interface Specification) Drivers use an industry-standard interface that works with more than 400 scanners and many imaging applications. ISIS Drivers ensure that scanners run at their rated speeds and take full advantage of the power inherent in the hardware.

The ISIS Drivers are based on software components that perform specific functions such as image acquisition, file conversion, and read/write commands. ISIS Drivers help reduce development time, improve security and reliability, and optimize the scanner's performance, so developers can add new functionality without making system-wide changes.

EMC Captiva ISIS Drivers deliver:

  • Scanner compatibility — Provide scanner support for more than 400 ISIS scanners.
  • ISO standard backed by AIIM — Reduce development time with scanner drivers, as well as predefined imaging modules.
  • Modular, message-based architecture — Achieve better security and reliability through optimized scanning performance of ISIS Drivers.
  • User interface separate from driver — Insulate the application from the ISIS scanner by relying upon an industry standard.
  • Fully utilized scanner features — Ensure that ISIS scanners operate at rated speeds and take full advantage of their capabilities.

Discover why Canon Electronics chose EMC Captiva ISIS, an industry standard enterprise level interface that unites scanners with software applications, as the basis for its Capture Perfect scanning solution.