Collaboration/Unified Communications

Collaboration/Unified Communications

Collaborate Anytime, Anywhere

The explosive growth of smart phones and tablets in the consumer and business markets and the shifting definition of the workplace have changed the way employees, partners and customers communicate. Collaboration technology enables and supports this anytime, anywhere, any device business model.

At the core of collaboration or unified communications resides IP telephony over a secured VoIP network. Extending the data network to support voice allows organizations to control costs while providing a platform to deliver business enhancing applications that increase productivity.

Beyond call processing, unified communications provides voice and email integration, instant messaging, video, web conferencing and TelePresence for an inherent mobile, social, rich-media communication platform. Integration of these collaboration components simplifies access and usability for a better user experience.

With these changes in communication tools come new security and control challenges. Network security products and solutions such as Cisco Unified Communications Manager virtualized on Cisco's Unified Computing System increase manageability and security.

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Collaboration & Unified Communications Solutions Provide:

  • A single platform for voice, messaging, video, web conferencing and collaboration
  • Simplified message management
  • Presence for availability and subject matter expert accessibility
  • Integrated, easy-to-use video collaboration
  • Interoperability with other systems
  • Improved management and control
  • Anytime, anywhere communications

Communication & Unified Communications Products:


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Unified Communications and Collaboration applications reside on a single IP network and its success and reliability depend on a properly architected solution. AMS.NET has an extraordinary team of certified and experienced engineers that conduct a thorough discovery and business strategy interview that enables them to design a solution that integrates with existing applications, supports new applications and allows for future growth. With more than two decades of experience, more than 30,000 IP phone installations and numerous references, AMS.NET has a proven track record of success to handle your Unified Communications project. Learn more about Why AMS.NET.

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