Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

Supplement IT staff, protect your investment and ensure your network and equipment are running at optimum levels with AMS.NET’s support and maintenance plans. Whether you are facing downsizing and have limited IT resources or you are looking for expertise to maintain your video surveillance or paging system, our dedicated Support Contract Specialist will work with you to determine your specific requirements and then will design a support and maintenance solution for your organization.

Standard LANmate Agreements are available to provide comprehensive coverage of your Data Infrastructure, Server, Unified Communications, Wireless and Video Investments. The AMS.NET LANmate agreements cover your entire solution and provide guaranteed response time, remote and on-site trouble shooting and loaner hardware to deliver you unparalleled service and ensure your network is up and running. Enhanced LANmate Options supplement standard agreements and offer services such as additional hours to cover Eastern Standard Time and varied business hours or specialty coverage for Valcom or surveillance systems. AMS.NET Guaranteed Response Plans offer backup technical assistance on a limited basis with guaranteed response times while AMS.NET’s Technical Support Packs (TSPs) provide non-emergency, scheduled support for new projects and other non-critical technical needs. AMS.NET’s Remote, Managed, Monitoring Service (RMM) provides proactive management and monitoring of your network to minimize downtime and losses.

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