Procurement Financing Services


You look out for the best interest of your customers. You take the time to listen to your customers and try and find ways to help accomplish your customer's goals. AMS.NET out shines other competitors because of your commitment to your customers.

Alberto Oseguera  Network Administrator
Woodside Elementary School District

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Procurement & Financing Services

Technology supports business initiatives and provides a foundation for business critical applications. When aged equipment fails or isnít performing as required or when a technology solution is necessary to gain a competitive edge in the market space, technology must be procured and deployed even if the timing isnít in line with budgets or cash flow. In order to acquire technology when it fits with your business goals, AMS.NET offers several different financing solutions.

Businesses can take advantage of financing and leasing promotions such as no interest or payments during deployment and various leasing terms that allow you to conserve your cash flow and meet budgetary requirements. Other financing solutions available to government agencies and school districts include leasing and procurement contracts such as GSA, CMAS, WSCA, Merced County FOCUS, SPURR Contract and piggy back bids. Whether you are a business or public sector organization and have a technology need, weíll work with you to find a financing solution that allows you to deploy the solution when you need it!

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