AMS.NET and the Business Industry

Providing the networking and communication tools needed to run business

Organizations of all types and sizes are faced with the same challenges of increasing productivity, streamlining processes, and cutting costs while maintaining a competitive edge. Technology addresses these issues and provides additional IT benefits of simplified management to free up resources for new business initiatives.

Whether you are a healthcare institution, a financial group, an entertainment company or other business, technology is required to support the foundation of your business. Networking and communication solutions are essential to conducting business and providing service to your customers. Beyond providing basic network services, AMS.NET can help you improve application performance and redundancy, increase network and physical security, integrate IoT solutions or transition to the cloud.

Business Solution Examples:

  • Provide a hybrid work model that supports both on campus, in-office and remote workers or learners. Equip people to collaborate safely and securely and work whenever and wherever they are located.
  • Leverage the cloud to simplify your networks, provide scalability and make your business more agile
  • Increase security with tools to verify the identity of the users and health of their devices to secure access to applications and network resources
  • Provide robust secure wireless to all user and guests endpoints and building IoT devices including sensors, lighting, heating, cameras, badge readers and more

Why AMS.NET for business

AMS.NET’s client-base includes organizations in all sectors. While each vertical has unique requirements, they all require a network, security and communication applications. We have the experience and the manufacturer relationships to deliver technology solutions that support your business objectives. We also offer leasing and various financing solutions. Our free technology consultation will help get you started.

Request your FREE technology consultation

AMS.NET offers a free technology consultation and design support to help assess your current environment, business initiatives, unique organization requirements and then design and recommend a solution right for you.