AMS.NET Executive Team

Executive Team

Robert Tocci

Robert Tocci Founder, Owner, CEO

The visionary and founder of AMS.NET, Robert Tocci established AMS.NET in 1988 and remains at the helm today. Robert has more than 29 years of technology and business management experience. Although his role has somewhat changed throughout the years, Robert remains the President of AMS.NET performing R&D, setting business strategy and technical direction, managing financial resources and overseeing the overall operations.

Robert has completed extensive coursework in Computer Science and has earned advanced certifications with Cisco, HP and Novell. Throughout his career he has held up to 40 Cisco certifications in varied technologies and today draws on that technical knowledge and his years of experience as he continues to discover and architect technical solutions.

As an entrepreneur and futurist, Robert is a leader in virtual computing and was at the forefront of the IP Covergence revolution. He has established a core team made up of information-age experts as well as seasoned telecommunications professionals. Robert continually invests and increases resources to offer proven and emerging technologies that support a physical and virtual infrastructure along with business enhancing applications.

Diana Monaghan

Diana Monaghan Vice President of Administration

Diana brings more than 32 years of experience in the telecommunication field in the areas of Administration, Human Resources and IT Management making her the perfect blend of technology and administration for her role at AMS.NET. She began her career at AMS.NET more than 20 years ago and today holds the title of Vice President of Administration managing finance, facilities, corporate administration, human resources and marketing.

One of Diana’s roles at AMS.NET is to provide the highest level of professionalism in the areas of human resources and corporate administration. A major function therein is to identify legal requirements and government reporting regulations and to maintain corporate compliance in those areas. Diana is also responsible for overseeing finance and marketing including training and events. Diana continually takes human resources and management courses and maintains her membership in the Society for Human Resources Management.

John Stott

John Stott Vice President of Engineering

John has more than 27 years of technology and network experience in both network design and implementation. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from California State University Hayward. John continually expands his technical and engineering resources with continuing education and has achieved numerous Cisco certifications including his CNMA, and most notably, his CCIE. As AMS.NET’s first Network Engineer, John should be commended for his efforts in building the skilled technical team we have today.

Thomas Vasconi

Tom Vasconi Vice President of Sales

Tom brings more than 21 years of sales and management industry experience to the AMS.NET team. He holds a Bachelors of Science Degree from California State East Bay along with manufacturer sales certifications. Tom began his career with AMS.NET in 2002 as an Account Manager and through hard work and complete dedication to his customers; he was promoted to Senior Account Manager, Public Sector Sales Manager, Director of Sales and most recently to Vice President of Sales.

Customer testimonials attest to Tom’s total commitment to AMS.NET and most importantly to the success of AMS.NET’s customers. Tom’s sales approach involves first a thorough discovery process to uncover the customer issues and requirements followed by a solution to address those issues. Tom also brings a partnership approach to our manufacturers. AMS.NET relies on our manufacturer partners for the latest cutting-edge technology and our partners depend on AMS.NET to provide strong implementation and support services for those technology solutions.

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