Demos & Downloads

Demos & Downloads

Below are data sheets, on-demand webinars, and more information regarding our technology solutions.

Vertical Solutions

Security Solutions

  • AMS.NET Cyber Security Prevention Webinar:
    Protect your organization from malware, ransomware, identity theft and more!
    Watch Webinar
  • AMS.NET Cyber Security Prevention Guide
    Download Guide
  • AMS.NET Cisco Security Solution Datasheet
    Download Datasheet

Wireless Solutions

  • AMS.NET Cisco Wireless for Municipalities Webinar:
    Advancements in wireless technology, 802.11ac Wave 2 performance and efficiency improvements, building the foundation for digital communities, Cisco and Cisco Meraki indoor and outdoor wireless porfolio, and more.
    Watch Webinar

Routing and Switching Solutions

  • AMS.NET Cisco Networking Update On-Demand Webinar:
    3650 Small Form Factor Switch, 3850 Switch, Wave 2 Access Points, APIC-EM for Network Automation, Integrated Services Routers, ISR 4000's, WAN and more.
    Watch Webinar
  • AMS.NET Cisco IWAN with Akamai Connect On-Demand Webinar:
    Cisco and Akamai WAN solutions with caching and optimization can enhance the user experience while providing the necessary performance without the need to add costly bandwidth. Watch Webinar

Support & Maintenance

  • AMS.NET Professional and Managed Services On-Demand Webinar:
    Advanced technical expertise for any need, including configuration changes, latency issues, firmware updates, version upgrades, design services, installation, multiple manufacturer integrations, troubleshooting and more.
    Watch Webinar
  • AMS.NET Professional Services
    Download Datasheet
  • AMS.NET Managed Services Overview Datasheet
    Download Datasheet
  • AMS.NET Maintenance Comparison Datasheet
    Download Datasheet
  • AMS.NET SMARTnet Datasheet
    Download Datasheet
  • Cisco SMARTnet Video: Keeping Your Technology Up-To-Date
    Watch Video

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