Connected Communities

Where technology and government intersect.

Technology and digital innovation are impacting communities across the country. City and county leaders must embrace these changes and support this progression to better serve their communities. AMS.NET's connected communities defines a digital infrastructure that redefines safety, creates new revenue opportunities, and enables you to better serve your citizens. It's where technology and government intersect.

Connected Communities Solution

  • Communication/Collaboration
    Our connected communities technology delivers a secure, reliable way to communicate and collaborate while maximizing resources.
  • Access/Infrastructure
    The infrastructure is the underlying platform for delivering connected communities to better serve citizens.
  • Safety/Security
    Public safety and emergency response is a priority of local government. The connected communities platform supports the objectives to keeping communities safe with faster response, improved efficiency, and cost savings.
  • Support/Managed Services
    AMS.NET support and managed service agreements help keep your connected communities performing at optimum levels. Managed services can provide hosted-type support for your voice, wireless, WAN and other technology solutions.
  • Procurement
    AMS.NET has financing and several procurement contracts, including CMAS, GSA, Merced County FOCUS contracts and more to provide competitive pricing and speed up the procurement process.
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With decades of experience, a large government client base and several procurement vehicles including state approved contracts, we have the knowledge and experience to successfully implement your technology solution. Please ask an AMS.NET Account Manager about our recent government implementations in your area.

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