Higher Education

Higher Education

Colleges and Universities are focused on providing a top-notch education so that students are ready for careers when they graduate and enter the workforce. They are challenged to recruit the best and brightest students and faculty and deliver education that reaches various types of students whether they are on campus or remote. Technology is the key to addressing these challenges and necessary to transform higher education.

Delivering a high-quality education and standing out among other education institutions will require technology to enable collaborative and innovative approaches to learning including virtual classrooms, online classes and flipped classrooms that include prerecorded lectures and classroom time for interactive activities. Collaborative tools can enhance learning as well as improve research programs and overall communication with professors, administrators, peers and outside experts.

Just as critical as the education, is the security and safety of students, faculty and staff. Unfortunately we are increasingly faced with student violence, vandalism, bomb threats and even natural disasters. Creating an integrated communication, physical security and surveillance solution increases security services and enhances safety on campus by preventing, deterring, detecting and better responding to incidents. Security gaps are minimized, communication to students, faculty, staff and surrounding communities are improved and first responders can better react and respond quickly to events.

AMS.NET is partnered with leading manufacturers to bring network, security and collaboration applications that address the challenges of the higher education market. Solutions for content delivery, cloud-based applications, security and messaging applications are available.

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AMS.NET has a large education customer base and reference list and is considered by many the leader in the K-12 education market. While there are some differences, the challenges and goals of higher education and K-12 educators are similar. Leverage our extensive experience of modernizing and upgrading networks and integrating applications specifically for education facilities. We also have many procurement vehicles including state approved contracts and financing options.

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