IP Video Surveillance
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Secure facilities and public spaces to help prevent unwanted threats and keep people safe

Providing a safe and secure environment is everyone’s top priority. IP video surveillance solutions with AI-powered video analytics and intelligent computing to uncover actionable insights in real-time provide the platform to help keep employees, staff and students safe. When integrated with paging, mass notification, and access control systems, organizations are able to detect threats earlier and provide a faster incident response.

Today’s smart technology help security and IT resources avoid attention fatigue and provide extended resources to improve monitoring and response to security events. AI features, unusual motion and activity detection, facial recognition, license plate recognition, search based on people and vehicles and proactive security alerts allow security and IT to quickly get notification and find and distribute relevant security footage. Integrations can include panic buttons, access control, and mass notification for a complete physical safety and security solution. We offer a large camera portfolio from leading video surveillance providers including indoor and outdoor cameras, varifocal, fixed lens, fisheye, PTZ, multi-sensor, megapixel and thermal cameras and solutions can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises.

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IP Video Surveillance solutions provide:

  • Ability to view live and recorded video from a central or remote location
  • AI-powered video analytics to quickly detect unusual activity and combat resource constraint or attention fatigue
  • Advanced pattern-based analytics to learn which patterns are normal or unusual
  • Perimeter, loitering, unattended object, and camera tampering detection
  • Rule-based actions and notifications for quick response
  • Intelligent forensic search capabilities to quickly identify a person, vehicle or object of interest within hours of footage
  • Analytic software for automatic event notification, video distribution and process activation
  • Consolidated database for collaboration of case-related video and data
  • Integration with existing physical security investments, paging, mass notification systems, access control, sensors and vape detectors

IP Video Surveillance products:

AMS.NET offers several IP video surveillance solutions to meet your unique organizational type and requirements.

AMS.NET’s Safety & Campus Solutions

Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District worked with AMS.NET to implement a Safety and Security Solution to improve school safety. Learn more in this brief video.

Why AMS.NET for IP surveillance

Whether you need to secure a single location with a handful of cameras or a multi-campus site with hundreds of cameras, integrated access control and paging systems, AMS.NET can provide you with a flexible and highly scalable physical security solution. With extensive experience in the public sector with K-12 schools and city governments, AMS.NET has designed and implemented numerous security systems with varied equipment and integration requirements.

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