Enhanced defense

A layered security approach minimizes security threats, secures digital networks and protects assets

Cybersecurity and ransomware attacks are affecting cities, school districts, healthcare organizations and businesses of all sizes. These attacks can be catastrophic: from loss of sensitive data, disruption of operations, financial losses, embarrassment, harm to the organizations’ reputation and even lost jobs. As these network security threats advance and the digital transformation evolves, providing end-to-end security has become more challenging. Organizations require a new approach to addressing security – a layered approach.

From the endpoints to the data center, a layered security solution must tightly integrate the network and security infrastructure to effectively defend against today’s sophisticated security threats. These layers include a next-generation firewall, endpoint and server protection, cloud security, network access control, multi-factor authentication, content, and email security, SIEM or managed detection and response solution and backup and retrieval tools.

This layered approach may appear complex however AMS.NET has the expertise and tools to find vulnerabilities and design a layered security solution that reduces the risks to your organization.

AMS.NET Security Solution:

  • Next-Generation Firewall
    Full control of traffic based on applications, users and traffic content
  • Endpoint Malware/Anti-Virus Protection
    Global threat intelligence and continuous protection
  • Cloud Security
    DNS-based security and API-approach to security to protect SaaS applications
  • Network Access Control
    Multi-Factor Authentication, Content & Email Security and more
  • SIEM/Managed Security Solution
    24×7 managed, strategic security services to quickly detect and respond to threats
  • Backup/Retrieval Solutions
    Quickly restore data in the event of a security breach
  • Penetration Testing
    Maintain strong security posture and meet compliance with PEN Testing

Additional resources

Download the AMS.NET Cyber Security Prevention Guide

Security solutions provide:

  • Protection against internal and external security threats
  • Consistent security policies throughout the entire organization
  • Device protection on and off the network
  • Security to SaaS applications, such as Google mail and Office 365
  • Secure access control and dynamic profiling
  • Threat intelligence for fast detection and remediation
  • Security and usability while protecting users, networks, and applications

Why AMS.NET for cybersecurity

AMS.NET has several decades of experience in networking and security and can provide a security posture assessment to evaluate where there might be vulnerability or breach points. We work with leading network and security manufacturers and provide managed services to help you improve and maintain secure network services.

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