Simplify Technology Procurement with the SPURR Master Contract

Leverage the SPURR Master Contract to procure networking and wireless technology solutions. California public school districts and county offices of education seeking E-Rate can save valuable time and resources and reference SPURR’s Form 470 or leverage the SPURR RFP.

Why SPURR Master Contract?

  • Use to quickly procure essential technology at discounted prices
  • SPURR members can reference SPURR’s E-Rate Form 470 or file your own 470 and use the SPURR RFP to save time and money
  • USAC-SLD has approved hundreds of FRNs and tens of millions of dollars for districts using the SPURR Program since 2011
  • AMS.NET is an Awarded SPURR vendor for Networking and Wireless Solutions

Learn more about this procurement contract or reach out to your AMS.NET Account Manager.

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