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On behalf of everyone at AMS.NET, our hearts go out to you during this uncertain and challenging time. We understand that our customers are rapidly trying to put online learning opportunities in place and support remote workers, therefore we've put together some information and resources that will help you deploy these solutions quickly.

Video Conferencing Solution

To quickly address this transition, AMS.NET offers a video conferencing, collaboration and online curriculum platform. Video conferencing enables teachers to provide distance learning, video conferencing classes, and team collaboration with students and administrators to keep teaching and learning moving forward during this unprecedented time.

  • One-to-Many Video Conferencing Solution
    Video conferencing solutions can bring your whole classroom or team together for a video conferencing meeting with up to 1,000 participants or be used for a quick one-to-one video call.
  • Secure Encrypted Online Curriculum Platform
    AMS.NET offers a secure platform with end-to-end encryption to help protect against cyber-security attacks of teacher's and student's devices and the District's network.
  • NO Time Restrictions
    Online meetings and events have no time restrictions.
  • Monitoring Tools
    Meetings can be tracked and detailed for participation and performance. Policies can be enabled to restrict who can participate and if they can share their screen or content. Conversations between students, faculty, and staff can be monitored with the Webex Teams collaboration tool.
  • Single Sign-On and Google Integration
    Allows users to use existing login credentials from Office 365 or Google accounts. Eliminates IT management of another account.
  • Calling Support
    There is support for calling using your existing Cisco Communications Manager solution.
  • Desktop/Home Notifications

    Many of our customers are asking us how to use existing notification solutions to provide structure and notifications to teachers and students. Singlewire InformaCast's mass notification solution allows scheduled notifications to be pushed to desktops.

    • Remind teachers of scheduled online class
    • Notify online class participants that class is about to end
    • AMS.NET can assist you with the procurement, deployment and support to quickly get you up and running.

      Please send us an email and let us know how we can help and stay well!

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AMS.NET can help you quickly configure existing resources or assist in the procurement and deployment of new technology solutions that enable you to support this new working and teaching environment. AMS.NET has been implementing communication and collaboration solutions for more than 30 years to California school districts, local government and businesses. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you quickly and easily make this transition.

Please send us an email and let us know how we can help and stay well!

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