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The data center is the hub of your organization and its performance and reliability are crucial to your operations. Today’s data center unifyies compute, storage, networking, virtualizaton and management into a single platform to provide secure, reliable and flexible IT services. This holistic approach to the delivery of IT services provides consolidation and virtualization, private cloud computing and supports cloud-based applications. Integrating technology silos allows IT to quickly respond to business demands, simplify IT operations and reduce costs.

Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) is an intelligent integrated architecture and the platform for a unified data center. VMware’s vSphere provides the virtualization and enables high-availability of resources and applications. All flash or hybrid storage provides the unified storage optimized for virtual applications. Backup and recovery in a unified computing environment is fast and simplified with virtual machine or file level recovery.

Data center management solutions help manage virtual and physical resources and provide the necessary security and control that IT requires. Scheduling, automation and provisioning speed up deployment services and simplify routine IT tasks. 

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Data Center and Virtualization Solutions Provide:

  • Server consolidation
  • Centralized, simplified management
  • Maximize resources with shared compute and storage
  • Improved data center flexibility and scalability
  • Increased data security
  • Simplified backup and recovery
  • High availability and organizational flexibility

Data Center and Virtualization Products:


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AMS.NET was a leader in the data center transformation providing customers with architected solutions based on legacy equipment, organizational size, business initiatives and more. With key manufacturer relationships, AMS.NET offers a tightly integrated, proven, reliable and scalable solution. Whether you are seeking to increase security, provide more reliable, resilient IT services or delivers virtual desktops, AMS.NET can design a solution for a variety of IT requirements and organization sizes.

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