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Paging & Messaging

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With the web, the explosion of mobile devices and social media sites, information travels quickly and so do the expectations of transparency and quick notification. The public expects immediate notification of emergencies or other unusual events, parents demand instant information regarding emergencies or school closures and employees want notice of system outages or organizational changes.

With an IP communication system in place, you can extend the phone system with a paging and emergency notification solution to improve this communication and notification process. Schools can modernize and consolidate school bells, overhead paging systems and emergency communications systems. Government entities can coordinate emergency notification with established communication plans. Business can send notifications to specific departments, floors of the facility or branch locations.

Paging and emergency notification systems can simultaneously send audio and text message notification to IP phones, IP speakers, computers, digital signage, social media sites and more. With a push of a button on the phone or PC, users can send live, recorded or a scheduled message to one or more paging groups.

Download the AMS.NET Emergency Notification System datasheet.

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Paging and Messaging Solutions Provide:

  • Consolidate all paging, bells and clocks to a single service at the district office and IP speakers with clocks at the schools
  • Everyday paging to notify an employee that they have a call on Line 1 or tell employees that email is down
  • Notify public of emergency
  • Inform parents of school emergency or upcoming event
  • Broadcast organizational-wide message across multiple locations

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Paging and Messaging Products:


Download the AMS.NET Emergency Notification System datasheet Download Datasheet


Whether you are a small business, a multi-building enterprise, an education facility or another type of organization, your requirements of the infrastructure and phone system are different. With many options and several manufacturers providing similar technology the options can prove to be daunting. Our relationships with leading paging and messaging manufacturers along with countless implementations allows us to provide you with a solution that utilizes as much of your existing equipment while maximizing new functionality to provide an efficient paging messaging solution.

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