Video Collaboration

Video Collaboration

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Video is a rapidly becoming a prevalent communication and collaboration tool. With a greater number of remote workers and the explosion of mobile devices, many of which have integrated cameras, video is becoming more pervasive.

A networked video solution provides a high-quality, reliable video platform for improving decision making, sharing information, strengthening relationships, improving productivity while reducing wasted travel time and costs.

An integrated unified communications and video solution enables easy-to-use, consistent video collaboration from the desktop, mobile device and the boardroom. AMS.NET offers solutions that integrate voice conferencing, high-definition video and file, application and desktop sharing to conduct more effective and productive meetings. Video conferencing desktop devices and boards enable desktop, room or immersive face-to-face meetings. Video management and distribution solutions enable the capture, broadcast and optimizing video for on-demand viewing.

School Districts enhance teaching, provide distance-learning and staff development with video collaboration. Government entities can collaborate more frequently, minimize transportation and display public notices or emergency information utilizing video. Businesses utilize video collaboration to meet with remote workers, market new products or solutions or facilitate an all-hands meeting.

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Video Collaboration Solutions Provide:

  • In-person like collaboration tool
  • Distance learning solution
  • Conferencing solution with video and document sharing
  • Broadcast tool corporate announcements or events
  • Display for notices and emergency information

Video Collaboration Products:


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Video Collaboration encompasses many products and use cases. Regardless of the application or technology, the success of a video collaboration project depends on the ease-of-use and integration with communication systems. AMS.NET with Cisco and other video partners can help define your video needs and design a solution that meets the requirements and is easy-to-use for the end-user.

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