Reliability Connectivity

Platform with automation, analytics, and security to provide reliable network services

As the technology landscape continues to evolve, organizations are changing their business models and adopting digital approaches to the network. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud environments, expanding amounts of users, devices and data, hybrid work/learn models and other innovations require a new kind of network.

This network needs to securely support a diverse set of users, devices, applications and services while ensuring fast and secure access to workloads wherever they reside. This network must support campus, branch, WAN, data center, and cloud environments and interconnect users, devices, applications, and workloads anywhere delivered in the cloud or on premises.

AMS.NET and our networking partners bring networking technology solutions that deliver secure and safe access to applications from home, the office, or wherever else work and learning happen. Features enable IT to detect and rectify any degradation in network performance and user experience across private and public networks. Application-based segmentation allow IT administrators to enforce access policies from the user to the application. Monitoring and management tools enable problems to be quickly identified and resolved. Ultimately this new network brings the agility and resilience required by organizations today.

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Switching/Routing solutions provide:

  • Large selection and broad deployment options for branch, campus, remote and data center networks
  • Simplified onboarding and provisioning with automated workflows
  • A better end-user experience with powerful platforms that provide the necessary bandwidth, speed, and scale
  • Centralized visibility and control of your wired, wireless, VPN, WAN networks, devices and clients
  • Network health management with AI-based insights and dashboards to monitor and troubleshoot client, network, and application performance
  • Optimization and SLA for Microsoft365, Salesforce, and other critical SaaS applications
  • End-to-end visibility, segmentation policy management and security enforcement across multiple clouds and the entire network

Switching/Routing products:

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current network or implement a new solution, we offer the leading networking manufacturers to fit your needs.   

Why AMS.NET for switching/routing

Founded as a network infrastructure company, AMS.NET has deep roots and experience with all facets of the network infrastructure including backbone components, firewalls, servers and more. Whether you are a business, school district or local government that needs to connect branch offices, wants to provide remote capabilities or are integrating IoT solutions, AMS.NET’s team of certified and knowledgeable network engineers will architect a solution that meets your specific requirements and allows for future growth and applications.

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