Executive Team

Robert Tocci

President & CEO

The visionary and founder of AMS.NET, Robert Tocci established AMS.NET in 1988 and remains the leader today. Robert has more than 35 years of technology and business management experience. Although his role has somewhat changed throughout the years, Robert remains the President of AMS.NET performing R&D, setting business strategy and technical direction, managing financial resources and overseeing the overall operations.

Robert has completed extensive coursework in Computer Science and has earned advanced certifications with Cisco, HP and Novell. Throughout his career he has held up to 40 Cisco certifications in varied technologies and today draws on that technical knowledge and his years of experience as he continues to discover and architect technical solutions.

As an entrepreneur and visionary, Robert continually assesses the market as well as the needs of AMS.NET customers to set the engineering, sales and marketing strategy. He has established a team of skilled and experienced IT engineers with expertise in networking, telecommunications, video surveillance and other technologies. Robert continually invests and increases resources to offer proven and emerging technologies.