Video Conferencing/Collaboration
Working together, apart

In-person-like solution to support a hybrid learn/workplace and online events

Conferencing and video calls are a part of our everyday work or learning toolset. With a greater number of remote or hybrid workers, learners and distributed teams, video allows us to meet and share ideas and content wherever we are located.

Video conferencing/collaboration platforms enable easy-to-use, integrated audio, video and content sharing from the desktop, mobile device or conference room. Custom layouts, immersive share and virtual backgrounds allow you to customize the experience for your content and audience. AI features automate transcripts, notes and highlights so you don’t have to. Whiteboarding, gestures, reactions, Q&A and live polling keep your participants engaged. Automatic noise removal and blurred or virtual backgrounds reduce distractions. Business insights and meeting details give you useful information about who and when they joined the conference. Important to IT, administrators and users alike is security. Meetings are secure so you don’t have to worry about a stranger joining and disrupting your meeting.

Video and web conferencing devices include IP phones, desktop, all-in-one desktop or board collaboration devices and intelligent devices to make any space a collaboration room.

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    Video Conferencing / Collaboration solutions provide:

    • In-person like collaboration wherever you are located
    • Distance learning solution
    • Conferencing solution with video and document sharing
    • Broadcast tool for corporate announcements or online events
    • Integrates with VoIP and Cloud Calling solutions

    Video Conferencing / Collaboration products:

    AMS.NET offers a host of video conferencing and collaboration products to meet the user, room, space and project requirements.

    Why AMS.NET for video conferencing / collaboration

    Over the last few years, video conferencing and collaboration solutions have met the need for hybrid workplaces and most organizations have deployed some type of solution. The market and available options quickly exploded and continue to evolve. Whether you are looking to improve the usability, troubleshoot any performance issues or need to expand with room solutions to support a hybrid workplace as some employees return to the office, we can help you.

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