Established and Proven Technology

Established and Proven Technology

AMS.NET leverages proven and emerging technologies from leading manufacturers to architect solutions that solve your organizational goals.

Switches and Routers and VoIP services have become business commodities and are proven solutions. AMS.NET has been providing fundamental technologies to organizations for more than 30 years. With deployments in school districts, local government and organizations in various other industries, AMS.NET has developed proven solutions and processes to successfully implement these technologies.

While we offer proven technology solutions, we also provide cutting edge products to address business and technology challenges. Owner and President, Robert Tocci, is an engineer and business leader who keeps abreast of the latest trends and innovations in technology. He was at the forefront in providing VoIP to customers and also helped lead the transformation of data centers. Prior to offering a new technology solution, AMS.NET goes through a thorough research and internal development process. To ensure their success, solutions are deployed internally at AMS.NET prior to being offered as a solution to customers.

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