You Need More Than a Firewall

Layered Security Solutions to Better Protect Your Schools, Government Entities and Businesses

Every day a new corporation, city or other organization is being hit with a ransomware attack. Business and IT leaders are aware their organization’s infrastructure and data are at risk. It’s not if you will have a ransomware or other security attack but when. The costs are too high to ignore and installing a firewall is just not enough.

While a next-generation firewall is a large part of a security solution, it’s a layered approach that provides the most protection against cyber security threats. Organizations need deep visibility and protection across the entire network infrastructure along with endpoints and users.

The Layers of a Multi-Layered Security Include:

  • Next-Gen Firewalls– Full control of traffic based on applications, users and traffic content
  • Endpoint & Server Protection– Threat intelligence and continuous protection
  • Cloud Security– DNS-based and API approach to security to protect SaaS applications
  • Network Access Control, Multi-Factor Authentication, Content & Email Security and more
  • SIEM/Managed Security Solution– Managed, strategic security services to quickly detect and respond to threats
  • Backup/Retrieval Solutions– Quickly restore data in the event of a security breach

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